I am a 3D generalist and graphic artist, who is loving to create and think together with you, excited for upcoming projects more than for the projects that are already I am working on. I usually prefer working autonomously because I trust no one when it comes to working. I love to undertake all possible tasks requested that I can complete when joining a hard working team.

As a video compositing artist, I started my digital arts career at 2002. In no time, I learned 3D and started to do 3D works of my company. More than 30 tv serials, which were mostly for the kids, I worked over compositing, visual effects, and 3D animations for almost 6 years. I continued to my career with movie projects, involved in a couple of movie projects as a part of a team in my previous company. Meanwhile, I worked as a freelancer as well.

After 2008 I aimed my profession and compass from visual effects to character animation and cartoon films. In a short time by working dedicated I was promoted to the supervisor position of my animation team. I spent 3 years with character animation projects.

At 2012 I jumped into the digital advertising business. By joining a creative team as an art director, I worked on very diverse digital projects, such as websites, mobile applications, advergames etc. which were so exciting. Quickly I promoted to the Production Manager position, obtaining the right to determine for many steps such as debriefing and budgeting. To both creative and production teams, I involved. Therefore I had got the chance of collaborating and working one-on-one with many creative persons and teams from many big and global companies.


Thank you all

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