While I was working for graphic arts, occupied with music for a period as well. I formed a band called Magilum and we released an album at 2008 together. At 2011 an EP followed the album. I enjoy playing different instruments and using them inside my music. I am also creating most of the band’s visual material such as video clips and album covers as well. I have a fresh musical project ongoing, which is about to be released soon and full of some exciting new stuff.

You can check links below for my musical works:

Magilum – “Boşluk” (Emptiness) – 2013

I shot and edited the video.


My band’s official page:


Official page of my upcoming project:


Magilum’s youtube channel:



Magilum – “İnsanlık Suçu” (Crime Against Humanity) -2008

I shoot and edited whole video.