Ariel – Gel Capsules Richmedia

Awarded Project

With the cooperation of Microsoft Advertising, me and my agency ArnoBrasco created a rich media campaign for famous cleaning agent brand Ariel of Unilever. The campaign launched on MSN.TR web page. A soccer ball smashes to the page. Then a girl who’s inside the 300×250 banner reaches and pulls the page as if it’s a sheet. Washes the page with gel capsules and makes it clean again.

I did the video shots, chroma keys and compositing works and 3D animations of the campaign. This campaign won three awards from competitions: Altın Örümcek, Golden Awards of Montreux and Digitalage Awards.

Tools I used for this project: 3D Max, After Effects, Photoshop

  • Project Scope Richmedia
  • Client Ariel
  • Agency ArnoBrasco
  • What I did Creative & video & animation works

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