Turkish Airlines – Wingoflies – 360° video advergame

With my agency we created an innovative project for Turkey’s most valuable brand Turkish Airlines.

I composed a 360° video from footage taken by 7 GoPro’s and 1 Octocopter Drone. Having added some hidden words into that video. The video and advergame campaign were published on “wingoflies.com” microsite.

I produced and organized whole shooting process. I also done creative works, video stitch & editing works and compositing works for the campaign.

Tools I used for this project: 3D Max, Blender, After Effects, Photoshop, Kolor Autopano Giga, Autopano Video, Sony Vegas



  • Project Scope 360 video advergame
  • Client Turkish Airlines
  • Agency ArnoBrasco
  • What I did Creative & 360 video producing & Compositing
  • wingoflies.com https://wingoflies.com

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